The Ancient Sacrament of Baptism

By Mark Regis, Associate Priest

Posted on June 10, 2015

We are thrilled that next Sunday on June 21 our community will once again celebrate the ancient sacrament of baptism as we welcome 11 individuals into God’s Church.

I had the honour of walking with families in preparation for their baptisms through our course, Turning to Jesus. We encountered and discussed the incredible baptismal promises that we will make – promises to turn to Jesus with our lives, or if a baby or young child is being baptized, promises to raise our children to follow Jesus with the grace of God. How do we do this? That is the big question.

Well firstly and lastly it is absolutely vital to remember that a life of following Jesus is rooted not in what we do or have done, but in what God has done for us in Jesus’s death and resurrection. So as we engage the awesome responsibility of raising children with Jesus as our model, or personally learning to follow Jesus, we are constantly encouraged by the promise that God is there to lead and guide us.

Jesus began this journey for us by entering into baptism himself, identifying himself with this world in the fullest way possible. At that moment, the Holy Spirit descended on him, and the voice of the Father spoke, “this is my beloved Son. With him I am well pleased!” The baptism we take part in is the very same baptism. Baptism signifies that in God the Holy Spirit enters into our lives and the voice of the Father says the very same thing to us. The life of following Jesus is in a very real way learning how to trust as though this is absolutely true, and we do this together as a community.

Come on June 21 to share in this sacred and exciting moment in the life of our community as we follow Jesus together.