Bake Sales and Little Hands in Action

By Janet Earle, Children's Minister

Posted on April 29, 2015

Groan! I can hear the collective groan when I mention we are having a Bake Sale and Silent Auction on Sunday, May 10. Are there too many bake sales in your life? I’m sure you like to eat cookies, so that can’t be the problem. Oh, I understand, you’re too busy to bake something and not sure how you will ever remember to bring it in with everything else you have to do.

For a couple of weeks I have been talking with our St. Paul’s children about money. Firstly, I asked them if they thought the Bible had anything to say about love. Yes, they knew it did. Then I asked if the Bible said anything about money. No, they were sure it didn’t! That is a misconception that many of us share with the children. We know God wants His children to share our love with other people, but what about our money?

Where does the church get the money to pay for the many things the children enjoy as part of our ministry – balloons, crayons, cupcakes, apple juice, toys and Bibles? The kids had some great ideas – from the government (nope), from the bank machine (nope), from fundraising (nope).

We looked at the description of the first church from the Book of Acts and read this, “They shared everything they had with each other.” (Acts 2:44) The answer was clear, the money for our church comes from us. I invited the children to be a part of that “us”.

Children don’t usually have money of their own and those who do receive an allowance sometimes spend it on themselves. How then can children learn to share the resources entrusted to them?

This is where the idea of a Bake Sale and Silent Auction began. The sale really isn’t to provide sufficient funds to continue our Children’s Ministry program. But it is a chance to allow little hands to share in our Above and Beyond campaign. We are delighted the Youth are also getting involved by offering Silent Auction items that involve their service to our community.

Baking, making a craft or piece of art, contributing to the silent auction, these are ways we can encourage our young people to give. What about us? We too can contribute, we can support the sale by making a purchase, we can pray for our young people, and we can give to Above & Beyond to set an example and show our children and youth Acts 2:44 in action.

I hope you will be part of the fun on May 10!