Christmas Lunch: Thank You for 50 Years

This year marks the 50th and final Christmas Day Lunch at St. Paul's Bloor Street.

Posted on December 8, 2017

Back in 1967, the 20 and 30’s club of St. Paul’s decided to organize a special Christmas meal. In those days, the young men and women who came from England, Scotland, Ireland and the Caribbean often outnumbered the Canadian-born members of the group. They planned a Christmas potluck for the group and anyone they knew who might not have another place to go. In those early years the group shopped for all the food they served.  Other shoppers in the supermarket took notice as their carts were piled high with turkey and the trimmings, often asking the purpose and joining the meal. When Christmas came, there were carols, music and games after dinner.  
For fifty years, a meal has marked the birthday of our Saviour. Over time, the clientele of the meal has changed. With a larger number coming since its inception, the church now buys the food and Chef Raymond at DoubleTree Hotel cooks it for us. While a few founding members of the club continue to serve, most have now retired. In addition, a number of other organizations now offer Christmas Day meals. This year marks the 50th and final Christmas Day Lunch. THANK YOU to all who have served and participated over the years. May God’s blessing travel with you on this special day.  

Photos from our archives at St. Paul's.