Church is Boring and Other Myths

By Janet Earle, Children's Minister

Posted on March 18, 2015

I had friend who often told me I was 'good' for going to church. I didn't think it would help to let her know how dead wrong she was. Church is for people who have at least some sense that they are not really 'good' at all. We come to St. Paul's to worship God.

What exactly is worship? It is saying with our words or actions that something is of great value to us. Worship can be defined as 'extravagant respect’ or ‘devotion to an object of esteem'. Extravagant respect - does that sound like how you feel about your favorite sports team? Well, at least until this season. What about your treatment of your shiny new car, or what you invest in your amazing job, or even how you care for your precious children?

These things all can be objects of great devotion for us, but what sits at the top of our list? The truth is, for most of us, that we come first on our list of what is important. That is why we belong in church. We need to learn to reset our compass, to join with others as we name God as the one who genuinely deserves our extravagant respect and worship.

This Sunday the children and youth will be joining in Cody Hall to worship together. This is our second time gathering and Jack Connolly, our Youth Pastor, and I believe it is really worthwhile. Together, our goal is to invite and encourage the young people of our community into a growing relationship with God, through Jesus. Week by week with a great team of leaders, we teach about the character of God using creative teaching tools and age-appropriate materials.

According to Jack, some of the Youth have the idea that church is boring. I am not sure what the children think, since for the most part they spend their church hours having an enjoyable time upstairs in Children's Ministry. But is it true? Is church boring?

By learning who God is and why He might be worthy of our worship, we seek to form a foundation for a heart that wants to praise and honour Him. We hope and pray our young people will be open and happy to participate in worship, drawn in on the strength of a deepening relationship with God. We hope they come to see they are not ‘good’ and not meant to be at the centre of the universe. We hope they are excited to worship our great God and not bored at all.

On Sunday, the children and youth will be singing together, learning about Holy Communion and the power of prayer. We will have some pita and grape juice and remember that Jesus died for us. As a family of St. Paul's young people we will express our extravagant respect for God. It promises to be an exciting morning!

Join us for Children’s Ministry or Youth Group during the 9:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. services.