Easter Preparations
Begin with Pancakes

By Janet Earle, Children's Minister

Posted on February 4, 2015

I confess it might be a bit difficult to make a case for the importance of the Pancake Supper in the life of the church. Christmas, Easter, Pentecost these are the special days that really matter. The times each year when we stop and say – yes, this is what we believe and yes it really matters. Pancakes? Syrup? Bacon? Can they really fit in to the life of our church community? Yes, they can!

The Pancake Supper is a fun event that will take place on Tuesday, February 17. It is one of those St. Paul’s gatherings that includes the old and the young, and people from each service. We get together to share a meal, enjoy some musical entertainment, a few games and activities for the children. It is a relaxed evening where you can invite a friend to come and check out St. Paul’s.

The Pancake Supper happens on Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras (French for ‘fat Tuesday’), which was historically the time to consume the last of the rich food in your pantry that you would not be feasting on during Lent. It is the last day before Ash Wednesday, which begins the season of Lent.

St. Paul’s is a church that welcomes people from many churched and non-churched backgrounds. In the Anglican Church year we observe two periods of preparation – Advent prior to Christmas, and Lent leading up to Easter. Ash Wednesday is a solemn day of repentance, symbolized by the crosses marked in ashes on the foreheads of worshippers. It begins the 40 day observance of Lent designed to prepare our hearts to embrace the incredible and world changing events of Easter.

The Mardi Gras tradition continues in many parts of the world. In some, it’s a wild party that people travel from all over to attend. What about for us?

Well it isn’t a wild party. It’s a community gathered to pause and enjoy some traditional treats together. Why not think about how this evening might be a pivot point for you? Could it be an opportunity to take a break from some of the things in your life that draw you far from God? Or could it be an opportunity to add some things that will draw you nearer?

A traditional observance of ‘giving up’ during Lent is often dismissed today as excessive and unnecessary. This very attitude reveals the nature of our hearts and our need to do the very thing we resist.

We hope to see you on Tuesday February 17 for pancakes and fun. Bring your Small Group or some friends. And then, come back on Wednesday February 18 for one of our Ash Wednesday worship services. Pray about how this could be the start of a new season for you. A time when you draw near to God and this year really prepare your heart for Easter.