Enter, Engage, Exit: The Easter Story

By Barry Parker, Rector (Senior Minister)

Posted on April 1, 2018

The Easter story could simply be thought of as a classic human tale. A mystery man, a teacher, in his thirties appears on the scene. Some say he’s a great prophet, others say he’s the next Messiah—the One who will fix everything! The religious leaders are threatened by his presence. This teacher gathers a diverse group of companions together to teach them—teach them about God, life, death and themselves. They hang around together for a few years. During that time others become jealous of him and plot to kill him.  A close associate betrays him one night. He dies. End of human tale! 
BUT the great part of the story is that it doesn’t end there. There is so much more. The man, the Messiah, the SON OF GOD is raised to new life! The grave is empty. Jesus is on the move. There is life.
Today we gather to celebrate this fundamental life-truth—God created, humanity fractured, Jesus recreated. We participate together in the reconciliation of God and His creation—including us. 
I encourage you to:
Enter St. Paul’s to participate.
• Step into the empty tomb as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
• Enter into a relationship with the death-conquering, sin-destroying, debt-paying Jesus.
• Be nurtured by the prayer, Scriptures, music and community. Your soul will be fed. 
Engage at St. Paul’s to know.
• The risen Christ will meet you where you live. However, he will not leave you there.
• You can be found, accepted, forgiven and given life by the living God.
• You will be strengthened and sustained by the Holy Spirit.
Exit St. Paul’s to live.
• Your past can be forgiven.
• Your present can be fully engaged.
• Your future can be secure.
May you have a blessed and life-giving Easter!