The King Is Coming

By Barry Parker, Rector
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Posted on November 27, 2016

The great season of Advent began on Sunday, November 27. This is a four week period where the Church prepares for the birth of Jesus at Christmas. Our theme this year is “The King is Coming!” Yet, you might ask—So what? What does it matter? What does a King have to do with me?

For centuries the Christian Church has been very intentional about this season of preparation—Advent. We need now more than ever to practise preparation. Many of us are feeling over-extended at a number of levels and some overwhelmed. In a world with such political upheaval, extremism, economic instability and violence—hearing and experiencing what the King of Kings brings to our world will be a balm for your soul, a blessing in your life.

Our themes each week will speak deeply into the hearts of all of us as we consider the King of Nations. The King of Justice. The King of Peace. The King of Healing. Finally, on Christmas Eve and Day—the King of Hope!

Take time to join us in this Advent season and over Christmas. Your life will thank you!