Lent: Practice of Prayer

Posted on February 28, 2018

Lent is about preparing to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus at Easter. Preparation can take many forms.  Traditionally, prayer, fasting and alms-giving were used together to help followers deliberately set aside time and resources, in hopes such practices of devotion would make us more aware of our own desires and deep need of divine grace.  
This year, our Lenten focus is on small groups. Such groups provide places to study scriptures, share concerns and care for others. The first small group of Jesus followers is our case study. Week by week, we are learning how we are “Better Together”, aided in our transformation by walking intentionally with others also following Jesus.
Each of us is personally invited into relationship with God, through Jesus. One way to cultivate this individual relationship, both in and out of Lent, is setting time aside to reflect and pray based in scriptures. We can also grow in our relationship with Jesus by studying and praying together with others.
Here are a few resources that might help you start, strengthen or re-invigorate your personal times with God (three are general, two are Lent specific).
1. Pray as you Go – a fifteen minute podcast that includes music, scripture and prayer. pray-as-you-go.org
2. You Version – a Bible app with both adult and children’s versions. There are plenty of reading plans on topics, books of the Bible and even based on albums from rap to worship. youversion.com
3. The Bible Project – this film-based storytelling resource with wonderful animated videos explains themes and books of the Bible. thebibleproject.com
4. Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John – a Lenten series focusing on the book of John with videos, journal and even two bishop-facilitated small groups.  Check out: meetingjesusinjohn.org.
5. PWRDF: Living Lent 2018 – a seasonal set of stories and reflections from the Primate World Relief and Development Fund. pwrdf.org/resources/seasonal