Lent – The Practices that Transform Us

By Mark Regis, Director of Discipleship

Posted on February 14, 2018

The word Lent comes from the word ‘spring’ or ‘slowly’ – it’s a gradual, reflective building to the highlight of the Church year: Easter, where we praise God for the incredible love of Jesus through his sacrificial death and celebrate his victory over all death in his resurrection to eternal life.

For forty days, we prepare for Easter through inner reflection and spiritual practices that encourage humility, generosity, and community. These disciplines help us grow spiritually in our attitudes and actions, moving us towards a more thankful and joyful life.

This year we are encouraging our entire community to engage our St. Paul’s Discipleship Covenant in a refreshed way. The Covenant models for us what Christian life is all about. This Lent, engage with as many of these five effective principles as possible:

1)      Worship – Commit to engage a service each week of Lent, and our services during Holy Week.

2)      Prayer & Study – Join a small group for community, Bible learning, and prayer.

3)      Active Involvement – Connect with an outreach initiative (such as Coldest Night Walk) or serve on a Sunday morning.

4)      Financial Contribution – increase your financial commitment to the ministry of St. Paul’s.

5)      Evangelism – Bring a friend to church.