Let's Talk: Unlocking the Silence on Mental Health

By Nancy Truscott, Parish Nurse

Posted on January 27, 2016

In honour of Bell’s Let’s Talk Day today, I wish to encourage people to communicate well. When you think of all the ways we communicate these days, it is a surprise to be talking about our diminished capacity to communicate well in the area of mental health.

Our reluctance or inability to communicate well increases the suffering of those whose mental health is challenged. We only reinforce stigma, shame, secrecy and suffering. We are part of their problem.

But we can also be part of the solution. It takes courage to open a discussion about mental health suffering. Those who are well can lead and express care and concern for those who are currently not so well. A gentle word, an extended hand, a non-judgmental attitude and a prayer for healing can start a chain of events that provides relief.

Let we who are well be ambassadors of good will and support. If we don’t have the energy and resolve to open the discussion, do you think they have? Silence is not golden in this case. Mental health is challenged by numerous stressors. Let us not wound others further with our silence or judgement.

Let us work together for the mental health of all. We can be part of God’s transformation of our city. God requires no less of us.

For mental health assistance, there are numerous resources. Here are a few:

DrugAndAlcoholHelpline.ca - 800-565-8603
MentalHealthHelpline.ca - 866-531-2600
ProblemGamblingHelpline.ca - 888-230-3505
kidshelpphone.ca - 800-668-6868
Telehealth Ontario - 866-797-0000
or contact your family practitioner