Moses: A Long and Winding Road

By Barry Parker, Rector
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Posted on January 8, 2017

He was born at an inauspicious time. Boys of his ethnicity were being systematically eliminated. Yet somehow, his mother hid him for a few months. As his cries grew stronger, the deception could no longer continue, so she made a basket-boat for him – placing her beloved son into the river where the royalty bathed. Though separated from the workers by race and wealth, the daughter of the pharaoh had compassion. She knew he was Hebrew, but she saved him – protected by her words and status, he was nursed by his own mother; then raised in the palace. For many years his world was power and prestige: playing side-by-side with the future pharaoh, eating rich foods; learning the art of speech and the rules of battle. Then, one day he visited his family-of-origin and saw the cruelty of the world outside the confines of the compound. Impulsively he sought to right the injustices by taking vengeance into his own hands – he killed a man to protect a kin. But, the violence did not go unnoticed and so Moses fled. He ran into the wilderness, stopping at a well to drink. There, his cavalier behaviour continued, protecting a group of sisters trying to water their flocks. At the behest of their father, the sisters returned, inviting the caring stranger to stay. And so he did, marrying Zipporah; settling down and becoming a shepherd. 
While Moses’ first four decades tell quite a tale of adventure; he only encountered God mid-life. It was in the middle of a regular work day, on a rocky crag that God got Moses’ attention. From the burning bush to the exodus and then on to the promised land, Moses embarked on a new adventure, that of learning to hear, and follow God. Our upcoming sermon series will take you through the second half of Moses’ life; on what is a long and winding road, as through trial and error, Moses learns both to trust God and led the people entrusted to his care. If you have ever wondered what it takes to keep growing in faith while facing challenges – come learn along with Moses to hear God anew.