Open Streets TO

By Ian Koiter, Youth and Young Adult Pastor

Posted on August 10, 2017

One of our goals at St. Paul’s is to offer a welcoming experience to all who come through our doors. We are blessed with a bright and beautiful space and, even more so, with a warm and friendly congregation. Time after time, newcomers relate how pleasantly surprised they’ve been at the vibrancy and accessibility of our community and worship.

For many, however, it can be a challenge just to enter through those doors. It’s true, our huge, stone building can seem imposing. No less an obstacle can be widespread perceptions of Christianity as exclusive, judgmental, arcane, irrational, and utterly irrelevant.

For these reasons, St. Paul’s has for several years been a part of Open Streets Toronto. We want to offer those in our community who might not otherwise come inside a friendly handshake, a cool summer drink, and a glimpse of who we are and what we do, inviting all as Jesus did to “come and see.”

Join us after the services on Sunday, August 20 and again on Sunday, September 17 as we serve lemonade to passersby on Bloor Street.