Come… It's Pageant Time

By Janet Earle, Children's Minister
Christmas For Families

Posted on December 5, 2012

This is a week of counting angel wings and halos and making sure we have the right costume for each of our little lambs. A new stable is under construction, ready we hope for the big day. It is Christmas Pageant time and we are busy preparing.

We are blessed with a thriving Children's Ministry where more and more children and families are joining our community. On December 9th in the afternoon we will gather together with the 85 children participating in our Pageant to hear the story of Christ’s birth.

Our pageant is a musical and our opening song begins, 'Oh come little children, O come one and all'. This song carries the message of why we have a Pageant - to invite our children and each one of us, to come to Bethlehem and see the gift that God has given.

Our goal is to make it as enjoyable as possible for families to be a part of our Pageant. So it was out with a long script and a lot of rehearsals and in with songs to tell the story and CD's to help the children learn them.  It was out with a different play each year and in with many children having small parts. We added a delicious dinner after the Pageant and our families are happy to join us.

What makes a Pageant memorable? It is not the perfectly executed lines and seamless flow of a professional production. It is the two lambs that end up in a fight, the shy child whose lines are barely heard, the blossoming star who just can't resist the lure of the microphone, it is all those little ones telling us the most amazing story of a baby.

So now we are ready. We have 30 angel costumes with halos and wings, 20 shepherds, some little lambs and even a very shiny new star. All is prepared, so a new generation and their parents and grandparents can come and hear the story of Jesus.
Our message is 'come' - the same wonderful message that Jesus offers to us. Come and see, come and learn, come and follow.

Join us on Sunday December 9th at 4:30 p.m. in Cody Hall. Come and sing and laugh and hear about God's great gift of His Son.  Come - you've been invited!