Rector's Christmas Message

Posted on December 25, 2017

Two thousand years ago, economic hardship for the vast majority, political unrest, and violence were seamlessly woven into the fabric of life.  
Today, economic turmoil, political turbulence and violence—far away and all too close to home—appear to be woven into the fabric of our lives as well.  
For over 175 years, St. Paul’s Bloor Street has testified there is more in life than economy, politics and violence. At Christmas, we gather to worship: to listen, to sing and to embrace the singular message of hope embodied and incarnated in an infant born into a fractured world. This message of hope is more than a political slogan or spiritual cheerleading. This baby is born to restore a broken relationship between creation and Creator, reconciling all of the fractured pieces of life.
All the Christmas events and services at St. Paul’s point to the pivotal birth of Jesus as the hopeful lynchpin of human history. This divinely inspired rescue plan does not involve wealth, might or power. Rather, the birth of Jesus in fact involves us. We are part of God’s plan to participate in God’s redemptive action of love and wholeness to a broken world. 
A well-known Christmas Bible reading tells us: "The Word—Jesus—became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighbourhood." (John 1:14, The Message)
God moving into the neighbourhood — that is what is transpiring here. God has moved into our neighbourhood in the person of Jesus. He calls and beckons us to serve, to give and to bless others—especially the marginalized, vulnerable and weakest in our neighbourhood.
May the living God bless you and yours this Christmastide, as you in your turn, bless others.