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Witness: God's Generosity

December 7, 2014 by Barry Parker

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It's All About Character

November 23, 2014 by Barry Parker

Please read John 15:1-111. What does it mean to “remain” or “abide” in Jesus?2. More practically, how have you created a “remaining” mentality in your life?3. How does “remaining in Christ’s love” help you as you grow in character?4. What ideas, stories, Bible passages, songs, sayings, or people have inspired you and contributed to your understanding of growing in character?5. Focus on verses 7-11. What role does prayer have in the process of growing in character?6. What kind of “fruit…

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Loving Service: More Than Being Nice

November 2, 2014 by Barry Parker

Read John 13:3-15. Reflect on how it fits with the fourth Mark of Mission: to respond to human need by loving service.1. Our theme this week is loving service. Who is the most humble person you have ever known? How did you know they were humble?2. An important word that appears throughout this passage is ‘know’ or ‘knew’. Take a moment to observe the things Jesus knows or knew throughout John 13:3-15. Underline them or write them down. If you are studying with a group, discuss this together.3. In the ancient world, a sla…

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Value Investing

October 19, 2014 by Barry Parker

Read Matthew 6:19-24.1. In the New Testament, Jesus talked more about money than He did about heaven and hell combined. Do you think this is significant? Why or why not? How are faith and finances related?2. Verses 19-21 stress the importance of valuing the right things in life in order to avoid the heartache of disappointment and/or disillusionment? Name two or three things that factor into a person’s valuation of things in this life.3. The word for “lamp” (verse 22) refers figuratively to the “eye as the organ that adm…

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Mission: Hope

September 28, 2014 by Barry Parker

1. Have you ever thought you really knew someone and then were surprised by something they did or said? Have you ever had your expectations let down by someone else? What did you learn? What happened next?2. In John 14:1, Jesus states clearly—do not let your hearts be troubled. In our world today of deadly viruses, terrorism, climate change—all around uncertainty; how can we possibly not be troubled?3. Read John 14:5-7. If knowing God personally is at the heart of the Christian faith, then how do we know him? Do you think those firs…

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Mission Impossible?

September 21, 2014 by Barry Parker

Read Genesis 12:1-9.1. In Genesis 12:1, God calls to Abram – “leave”. Would you say this is typical of the way God guides? “Leave and you will get more instructions later”. Does God still call people into the unknown today?2. What did Abram leave behind when he answered God’s call? If God calls us, what might we be asked to leave behind?3. Abraham is our spiritual forefather (see Romans 4:13-25; Hebrews 11:8-19) and we are his heirs of a robust faith. Study the seven promises God made when he called Abram to…

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Always a Promise, a Warning or a Challenge!

September 7, 2014 by Barry Parker

We now come to the end of our lengthy sermon series on the Parables of Jesus: Hidden in Plain Sight. This passage pulls it all together. As Jesus says, “Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.” This is both a challenge and a promise. Read Mark 4:21-25.1. Why do you think light (and its use) is such a critical image for us to see?2. Is there a difference between something that is hidden (perhaps God?) and something that is invisible (perhaps God?)? Is it actually hidden or do we not have an ability to see or hear?3. In…

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Living With The Weeds

July 27, 2014 by Barry Parker

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Kingdom Investing

July 20, 2014 by Barry Parker

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Reality Check

July 6, 2014 by Barry Parker

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Not What You Think

June 22, 2014 by Barry Parker

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The Iceberg of Greed

June 1, 2014 by Barry Parker

Read Luke 12:13-21.1. Jesus talked about money and people’s attitudes toward money more than any other subject. Why do you think the subject of money might be important to a teacher like Jesus?2. Jesus says a person’s true life is not made of the things one owns. What do you think are the important things in a person’s life?3. Jesus talks about being rich toward God or rich from God’s point of view. What do you think it means to be rich toward God?4. How will a person who is seeking God’s riches live differently th…

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