Shangalia! Tanzania: The Concert

By Sam Hodgkins-Sumner, a member of the St. Paul's Youth Group

Posted on May 29, 2013

This Sunday, June 2nd, the youth group will be hosting a concert fundraiser called Shangalia! Tanzania (Shout! Tanzania) in Cody Hall at 1 p.m. All proceeds will go to purchasing keyboards, speakers, and amplifiers for youth church choirs in the diocese of Tarime, Tanzania. All members of the St. Paul’s community and any family or friends are welcome.

The origin of this fundraiser traces back to the summer of 2010. I travelled with my parents to Tarime for the ordination of their friend, Mwita Akiri. Over the course of the trip, I was able to interact with some of the young Christians in Tarime and was struck by their friendliness and positivity despite living with much less than we enjoy in Canada. It was World Cup time, and I remember playing soccer with them using balls made out of trash bags tied together. I returned to Canada with a strong connection to those youth; although we came from different contexts our faith united us.

In order to help those youth, the youth group at St. Paul’s held a bake sale fundraiser in the fall of 2010. The funds helped buy the youth new soccer balls and started a soccer evangelism program, bringing 200 new youth into the church through play.

Having spoken with Bishop Akiri, I recently learned of a new need for youth in Tarime: equipment for church choirs. We’re looking to raise $15,000 for the main choirs in the diocese. The church provides youth with an escape from many social dangers they face: prostitution, AIDS, drugs, and crime. By providing the youth choirs with the equipment they need, we will support their efforts to bring young people to the church through evangelism. Music appeals to youth, and can be an effective way of introducing them to Christ.

The youth here at St. Paul’s are very excited about this opportunity to serve God’s kingdom, and taking an active role in the St. Paul’s community by running the fundraiser. The concert will be entirely youth-group run, and it figures to be an enjoyable celebration of music and fellowship. This is a great way for our congregation to come together and serve God’s global mission. The concert will feature an eclectic mix of musical genres, Tanzanian-themed food, and a presentation about the project. Since music is a uniting force, we hope that the entire congregation at St. Paul’s will share in this project with us.

How can you get involved?

•    Attend the fundraiser on June 2nd in Cody Hall at 1 p.m.
•    Donate to the fundraiser online.
•    Pick up information cards and/or donation envelopes at the Concierge desk after your service in the next few weeks


Use the Shangalia! Tanzania donation envelopes or donate online.

To donate online, select Shangalia! Tanzania from the "Fund/Designation" drop down menu, as seen below.