Structure Matters

Posted on January 23, 2018

On October 25, 2006, the Nehemiah Project was formally opened and blessed by the congregation of St. Paul’s Bloor Street. The Nehemiah Project was our multi million-dollar, massive renovation project that rebuilt an incredible ministry container that is an integrated blend of old and new. We named it Nehemiah, after an Old Testament book where what appears to be simply the re-building of the walls of Jerusalem, is in fact, the renovation and re-building of God’s people. 
What intrigues me most is not only the function and beauty of our space, as incredible as it is, but also what lies behind it. It took over seven years of renovating, including design, engineering, complex construction and monumental decisions to realize the vision of a renewed location of ministry and mission. 
Our ministry at St. Paul’s is also undergoing a renovation of sorts. St. Paul’s has had the same staffing when our attendance on a Sunday was averaging 500 persons to over 700 today. We believe it will be 1,000 on a Sunday in the not too distant future. To properly engage our growing church for effective ministry, internal ‘renovation’ was required.
Beginning January 1st, a staffing re-organization has been unfolding at St. Paul’s Bloor Street to build on our vision “by the power and grace of Jesus Christ, we seek to be a transformative community for the city”. Grounded in the St. Paul’s Discipleship Covenant, we live out our ministry mission to be “equipping Disciples to make Disciples.” 
To do this as effectively as possible, we have developed four strategic pathways to accomplish our Vision and Mission.
Worship: Sandra Seaborn is coordinating all facets of our worship life together, from music to prayers, to volunteer coordination. 
Discipleship: Mark Regis is coordinating this vital aspect of our faith formation, working with Small Group Ministry, as well as Children’s, Youth and Young Adult Ministries.
Ministry Operations: Joyce Badley leads the operational side of St. Paul’s which includes such elements as events, facility use and care, administration and finance. 
Witness: Currently we are seeking a gifted person who will lead our evangelism process, including Alpha, and outreach ministries such as Cornerstone and ESL Café. Other members of the Ministry Team are assuming responsibility in the interim.
We are in an exciting season of ministry here at St.  Paul’s Bloor Street. Our deep desire is to love God and love our neighbour in the name of Jesus Christ. We seek nothing more. We certainly seek nothing less.
Every blessing to you the people of St. Paul’s as we experience what God is doing in this next season of ministry.