Unreasonable Expectations and Mothers

By Janet Earle, Children's Ministry

Posted on May 4, 2016

I have always been a fan of Mother’s Day. It was well celebrated in my home growing up. I spent my first Mother’s Day at St. Paul’s with our extended family welcoming our new daughter into God’s family through baptism. It was a special day! It was repeated two years later when our first son arrived. Mother’s Day baptisms were a tradition at St. Paul’s back then.
Motherhood is a privilege not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy. It is a high call mothers through the centuries have fulfilled with varying degrees of success. Putting your own needs aside for the sake of your children, little ones and ones who are much older, is a daily challenge. When the mother and child relationship blossoms, it is a very special joy.
I do have a bit of a beef however with Mother’s Day cards. Yes – I know I can make my own card and come up with just the right words to express my love and appreciation. But that’s not what I do. I go to the card store and I choose.
I would like to go to a card writer convention and find out what these people are thinking. Mother’s Day cards aren't for people who have a ‘good’ mother who tried her best, they’re for people who have the ‘best’ mother in the whole world. These women are the most loving, the most caring, the most giving, and the most wonderful. You would think it sounds like an exclusive club, but based on the number of cards, I think there are a lot of them. When I read these cards I realize I am failing desperately, along with most of the mothers I know.
And now for the Good News! We shouldn’t expect to have those ‘perfect’ moms and we don’t need to be those ‘perfect’ moms. We can love and be loved just the same. We don’t have to look around our families and expect people to meet our every need. They can’t. We don’t have to try to be the source of every good thing for our children either.
God has told us we can trust in Him. He sent His son Jesus to live and to die so our relationship with God would not be broken. God can meet our needs and He will. In Psalm 13:5 we are reminded:
"But I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me."
I am thankful for my mother; for the many things she has given me and for the things she didn’t. I know I have a God who supplies my needs. I can go to Him at any time. He is never too busy to pay attention. 
Let’s remember our mothers and be thankful. Let’s try to be the best mothers we can, remembering we are finite and imperfect. Let’s lay down our unreasonable expectations of ourselves and our moms and trust in God’s great love.
Happy Mother's Day!