Which Would You Choose?

Bring your donations of pasta and pasta sauce and place them in the box in the Atrium.
By David Kirk McCleary, Outreach Pastor

Posted on March 6, 2013

What if at the end of the month you had to make the choice between food for you and your family, or a place to live? These are the hard choices many people in Toronto are finding themselves forced to make.

The majority of people using food banks in Toronto can't afford to pay for both food and rent. The average food bank client spends 72 per cent of their income on rent, leaving just over $5.50 to spend on food each day.

Last year:

  • There were over 1 million individual visits to the many food banks scattered around Toronto (up 18 percent from 2008 pre-recession levels)
  • Nearly one in three adult visitors to food banks had gone hungry in order to keep a roof over their heads
  • Of the nearly one million visitors, nearly one in three were children – and of those children nearly one in four had been hungry at least one day per week because their parents didn’t have enough money to feed them

Many of us at St. Paul’s have been blessed so we have never had to make these choices. Not only that, but we can make a difference.

This month’s Outreach Initiative is called the Pasta Challenge. It is a food drive that was started by our Youth Group a few years ago and is a worthy cause we continue to contribute to many years laters. Just bring in your donations of pasta or pasta sauce and place them in the box in the Atrium.

It is in this small way we at St. Paul’s are doing what we can to help make our neighbourhood and our community a better place. It is through these small acts of kindness, done with great love, that we as a community of faith at St. Paul’s are choosing to show the love of God to our community.